Why Choose VTOP Ceiling Fan

Advantage 1. Self-produce High-Quality AC / DC Motors, 100% pure copper.

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15-year Warranty for the motor.

As everyone knows, the motor is the most important component of ceiling fan.

VTOP ceiling fan has rich experience and a 10-year history in motor design & manufacturing, with a large technical accumulation. VTOP was originally established to manufacture and sell motors to domestic and overseas customers.

Up to now, we have 2 motor assembly lines, a capacity of 100,000 units/month.  And we provide a 15-year warranty for the motor.

vtop ceiling fan

Computer smart test for motors

During the whole process of manufacturing motors, we use computer to automatically smart control the process and test the quality.

More intelligent, more accurate, lower defect rate! Compared with other competitors, this is one of our main advantages.

vtop ceiling fan

Advantage 2. Own Design & self-produce Remote Controller.

vtop ceiling fan

Self-produce remote & TUYA WIFI app & Light kit stepless dimming

We design our own remote controller and open mold to produce by ourselves.

Latest features TUYA WIFI APP control & Light kit stepless dimming, which are rare among other competitors.

Advantage 3. 15,000 sq.m plant and finished product 10,0000 units/month.

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Advantage 4. High efficiency, Large capacity

As a ceiling fan manufacturer, our workers are very stable and efficient, with 30,000 units per month capacity. we can see the steady prospect for the future.

Advantage 5. Delivery on time

Thanks to our supplier’s great support, we basically can delivery goods on time to avoid delaying customer’s promotion, thus we can establish mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers.

Advantage 6. Rapid New Ceiling Fan Development

We put a lot of attention to developing new products, usually, we will launch 2-3 models each month.